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We connect Euskaltel's technology, skills and innovative community to start-ups.

What is it?

All new companies need help at the outset. Euskaltel wants to do its bit to make sure there are more and more innovative companies. We do not require capital or an economic return. It is a commitment.

StartUps Euskaltel is the programme that connects Euskaltel's technology, skills and innovative community to start-ups, accelerators, customers and productive sectors.

Our aim is to support 100 start-ups during this first edition of the programme.


In order to take part in this programme, your start-up must be incorporated as a company and be based in the Basque Country. It must have been up and running for less than 5 years and your project must have completed or been selected for one of the incubator or acceleration programmes of the institutions or organizations that work with Euskaltel.

We will rate the strategic fit, degree of maturity and potential of each proposal.

What companies is Euskaltel StartUps oriented to?

The StartUps Euskaltel scheme mainly targets technology start-ups in strategic areas for Euskaltel.

Technology start-ups in general and innovative start-ups with a global scope.

Our strategic areas

  • Internet of Things

  • Artifical Intelligence

  • Wifi and 5G

  • Cyber security

  • New types of contents

We will rate the strategic fit, degree of maturity and potential of each proposal.

Benefits for the Startups

Euskaltel will provide the following pro-bono services to the selected start-ups:

All the benefits
  • Telecommunications Services

  • Advanced Datacenter services

  • Equipment for developments

Purchase studiesEuskaltel studying the viability of purchasing products and services

Training and workshps,contact with the technological leaders within Euskaltel

Networkingwith the network of partners and visibility at Euskaltel events and media

AdvertisingSponsored and joint advertising


This is how startups that have already participated or are currently doing it present themselves.

All the StartUps
Airea e-Learning

"Tutored online courses on digital inclusion and skills for education professionals. Creation and dynamization of virtual communities with related specialised interests."

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Alchemy Machine Learning

"Automatic artificial intelligence tool to extract business knowhow."

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"Appsamblea is a digital polling tool that enables organisations, companies or groups of any size to organize digital polls."

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Binary Soul

"At Binary Soul, we are gaming experts. We use knowledge from the world of videogames to create innovative technological solutions for sectors such as industry, advertising or tourism."

Ir a

Dataset Big Data Solutions

"Real-time data analysis solutions endowing physical spaces such as shopping centres, museums or cities with the same tools and intelligence as digital spaces."

Ir a

Dative Partners

"Dative Partners is a company specialising in creating value through the hidden potential of data. To do this, we rely on our own technology to help companies change their business models through data."

Ir a

D&A Innovative Systems

"We facilitate machine servitisation and process digitising thanks to our smart non-intrusive services and sensors."

Ir a


"We are an engineering firm aimed at providing our clients with process improvement and added value in their products through advanced sensor technology, communications and the Internet of Things."

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Dog Vivant

"Dog Vivant is a dog-friendly business certificate: lodgings, cafés, shops ... where you and your dog are welcome, as well as trusted canine businesses. Enjoy the best plans and trips with your dog. Awaiting sales calls."

Ir a


"Ekobideak Koop, Elk.Txikia is a cooperative working in the area of Geology and the Environment, providing geo-tourism, educational, environmental and training services."

Ir a

Emerid System

"Emergency ID system integrated into garments or objects by NFC technology. It transmits user data as well as his medical and contact data and his location."

Ir a


"E-Process-Med was designed and founded as a company for offering solutions in the field of digitising medical processes. We develop tools that facilitate health personnel management and patient comprehension and use."

Ir a

Family Care Solution

"InfoFamily: the ideal companion in family health and care management. A mobile app to manage medical records and most desirable daily healthcare activities, including your pets."

Ir a


"Your platform for physiotherapy appointments. It indicates location and availability, finds the professional who best suits you and consults the opinions of other patients. Reserve appointments when and where you want, at the nearest physiotherapy centre or at home."

Ir a


"Digital protection for minors against internet risks and mobile [apps] that include: parental control, cybersecurity, online education and expert counselling."

Ir a

Gembira Tech

"We are a data-gathering and interpreting company helping companies compete in their online marketing strategies."

Ir a

Gik Live

"GIK LIVE! is the Basque start-up that continues to revolutionise the wine sector at the global level. With millions of bottles sold throughout the world, GIK LIVE brings innovation to one of the most archaic and traditional sectors on the old continent, offering irreverent, surprising and exquisite wines. Want to try?"

Ir a


"We contribute to your enjoying unbeatable experiences at home, guaranteeing the highest quality in optic fibre communications. GPONDoctor, unlimited connectivity."

Ir a


"Heepsy is an Influencer Marketing platform that helps you find the influencers best suited to your brand and business. Using our advanced search filters, you will be able to search for influencers by industry and location, analyse their stats and compile your results into lists."

Ir a


"Hirisens is an IoT solutions company. Using different sensor technologies and selecting the optimal communication in each case, we provide our clients with real-time measurements through platform and mobile app."

Ir a

ii4.0 Services

"Industrial Equipment Monitoring Platform."

Ir a


"Interactive digital binoculars for advanced data visualisation using disruptive technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality."

Ir a


"We are the water-pumping IoT and Big Data company. Internet of Things and data analysis in the search for water-pumping savings and efficiency using a system based on Open Source technology, with open code."

Ir a


"JakinCode is an engineering company providing advanced cybersecurity services and developing custom tools in the field of Industry 4.0 to manage and strengthen all the assets of an organisation both physically and in terms of software."

Ir a

Kai Marketing Lab

"Kai Marketing Lab is a digital marketing consultancy that developed Kaibot, the first smart marketing platform enabling automation in all digital marketing processes."

Ir a

Koalak studios

"We are a Young audio-visual producer founded in January 2016 by two professionals with over ten years of experience in the sector.""

Ir a


"We offer advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions for the tourism sector. Our Travel Intelligence market and platform monitors contribute towards the sustainable management of companies and tourist destinations."

Ir a

Naiz Fit

"Naiz Fit is a mobile app capable of calculating the measurements of your body based solely on two photos and recommending the size you need when buying clothes online. Goodbye returns!"

Ir a

Naru Intelligence

"Naru Intelligence is an innovating software company for the health ecosystem. Our product Step facilitates the improvement of oncological care, providing the patient with value through data analysis."

Ir a


"A company specialising in the distribution and merchandising of locksmith products, hardware and access control at the forefront of security."

Ir a


"NUAVIS is a technology-based company developing software solutions based on artificial vision and augmented virtual reality. Its solutions are oriented to optimising industrial processes."

Ir a


"At OBOID, we develop electronics based on free technology, minimising development time and endowing products with connectivity, whether these exist or are new designs, facilitating their integration into Industry 4.0."

Ir a


"Osoigo is the broadest political incident and notification platform, with 700 politicians answering people’s questions and requests."

Ir a

QB Pop Up

"Company specialised in creating ephemeral infrastructures by transforming recycled maritime containers."

Ir a

Single Quiver

"Single Quiver Surfboards is an online platform for recommending, customising and selling surfing products. We can recommend the board models and surfing accessories you need when you buy online."

Ir a


"Digital booking of bands and DJs. Platform for events promoters to hire bands and DJs for concerts at halls, bars, nightclubs, festivals, after-works or private/secret concerts."

Ir a


"Stockare is a technologically-based start-up offering cloud solutions in identification, location and sensor systems."

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The Best 5

"Stop losing time searching on hundreds of websites! The Best 5 shows you only the 5 products most highly recommended by all the buyers of whatever you want and the websites offering the best prices."

Ir a


"TotalFood be free be fooder, is an online booking centre for tourist accommodation and food service in partner restaurants. Your all inclusive to your liking."

Ir a


"Transporter is the merchandise logistics and transport market gateway to the collaborative economy."

Ir a

Waixo - Telas Personalizadas

"Waixo is a digital textile printing start-up offering its clients custom fabrics, mainly for fashion designers and brands."

Ir a


"WikiOpps is a platform enabling organisations to know the opinion of its interest groups (clients, employees, suppliers ...) in a fast, simple and efficient way."

Ir a


"ICT start-up specialising in the creation of asset monitoring and telemetry systems using the Internet of Things. Our products include low power-consumption long-range advanced sensor systems and telecommunications networks."

Ir a


"B2B2C child location services so that parents may know where to find their children in tourist enclaves. These spaces optimise business using data intelligence."

Ir a

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